Friday, September 27, 2013

Book Review: I played a Game with Life

Sometimes reading books helps forget our tension. This is one such book which makes one to relax during a hard time. Though writing serious and heartbreaking stories have become a fashion recently, these kind of simple and jolly going stories still has its spark.

Will one young man's hurts, disappointments and pressures lift him up to greatness, or will he submit to mediocrity?

Sam, a typical guy, living life happy and carefree, has an ambition that far exceeds what a normal Chennai boy can aspire to. Encountering ‘Life’ itself in a dream, he’s convinced into playing a game with it. A game that ends when Life's travails get so hard that Sam is pushed to tears.
A girl enters Sam’s life when he least expects it. The moment he sets eyes on her he knows, she’s going to play hard to get. Sparks do indeed fly and before long the two find themselves in a world of romance.
Though Sam’s attitude toward living is to be happy and cool, he finds all of that being tested. Circumstances push him into a world of discomfort, guilt, heartbreak and confusions. Amidst such emotional turmoil he manages to grip on to hope and still enjoys life. One event after another pushes him to an edge.
Does Sam find a way to win the game? Or Will he spiral into what so many people who've given up the fight have fallen into? You simply need to
be part of his life to find out.

“I played a Game with Life”. The title makes me to think about my game with life. It is surely an interesting tile which makes one to check out for the blurb. When you can easily relate yourself with the protagonist in the book, then it makes you very much interesting giving you the feel of being a hero in your world. Any young boy, screwing up his life, can easily relate with Sam, the protagonist and enjoy the journey of his life in each page of this 246 page book.

A break-up can change one’s life topsy turvy. For some it means a fresh beginning of a new life but for some it even becomes the end of life. Here the story starts with the break-up of Sam and Harini. Though he finds hard to overcome it, he manages not to show it to anyone. Sam, being a movie freak, dreams to become an actor in Hollywood and hence enrolls his name in a well known school of acting at LA. His best friend, Harish is the only person who knows him and his dream well. Even he suffers a break-up with Preethi but soon re-unite with her. Amritha enters into Sam’s life and very soon they fall in love. He brings up the topic of his dream to his dad who refuses it. He then walks out from his home leaving his loving sister and mom in pain. He stays at Harish’s place and starts attending the training class offered by the acting school. He lands up cheating his dad for getting money only to regret it later. When he thinks all is going well, one big incident shakes his life which makes him to lose his family and also Amritha.

What was that incident which changed his life direction? Will he get back his love? Will he see his dream come true?

To know what happened to Sam and his dream, pick up this book from a nearby book store soon.

I found each scene of this story to be so real. It is not an easy job to write a simple story and grab the attention of readers. The author has done a good job with the plot. Each character was given importance and they made the story lively. Since the whole story was based on Chennai, I found it easy to picture every place. The humor part was well portrayed. The chapters name was very catchy and did fit the bills. There were few mistakes which I think can be edited off. Over all, this book was a good entertainment.

To sum up my review, I would say Mr. S.Richardson has put a lot of effort to produce his first work. This book will surely be a good read for every young people out there. The cover page was cool and the narration was clear. Usage of simple language gave no work for my dictionary. Thank you for that. I would rate 3 out of 5 for this book. All the best Mr. S. Richardson. 

You can also buy the book from Amazon.

Happy Reading :-)

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