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Book Review: A Journey To Remember

Book: A Journey to Remember

Author: Swarupa Chavan


ISBN: 9788182534117

Cover page: Rupali Shirke


A phone call from Reva summoning her for her help makes Ananya drop everything and rush to her aid. Ananya embarks on a journey of startling discovery, to Oakwood in Shimla where Reva resides.Her core beliefs and philosophies are challenged when she meets Kunal who is a matrimonial alliance for Reva invited at Oakwood by the General - Revas father. Kunal has agreed to visit Oakwood only due to family pressures and does not have any inclination to get married in the near future. Ananya is unable to fathom the attraction she feels for Kunal and is scared of the outcome. Things get complicated as Ananyas attempt to bring Reva and Nikhil together results in misunderstandings between Kunal. They turn dangerous when Sam the Chauffer- cum-Cook at Oakwood tries to sabotage their innocent plan out of his sincere loyalty towards the General. Ananya is faced with a grave question leaving her to wonder what her journey to Shimla would lead to.

The review:

Swarupa Chavan’s ‘A Journey to Remember’ talks about a journey which happens to change the life of two protagonists. Ananya believes love to be a hypothetical and highly overrated phenomenon. Kunal is a happy-go-lucky philander who has never taken any relationship seriously in his life. These parallel minded are destined to meet up in a journey which changes their life once forever.

Reva, Ananya’s best cum childhood friend, lands up in trouble when her parents decides to fix her marriage with Kunal. Reva’s father, a retired General from Army is here shown as a strict father who seems to control his fellow people with his spell. Knowing her father well, Reva is unable to confess the love with Nikhil to him. Therefore she ends up in seeking Ananya’s help which makes Ananya to take a journey to Shimla.

Kunal, being a rich kid has no idea of getting married so soon but his parents again give him no choice and ends up in meeting his father’s friend’s daughter Reva. His journey to Shimla in his bike makes him get nostalgic about the times with his friends. It is then he meets Ananya who is helpless with her flat tyred car on the way to Shimla. The very first sight of her makes him feel magical and she takes a part of place in his head. Though he extends his help to her, she refuses only to regret it soon.

Later when Ananya comes to know that Kunal is the guy who happens to be the suitor for Reva, tries to seek his help to break the marriage. By seeing Ananya at Reva’s premises, Kunal mistakes her for Reva and taking this as an advantage Ananya tries to move the cards well. Pretending herself as Reva, Ananya plans to meet Kunal to make a bad impression on him to the General. Sam who seems to be the right hand for the General smells something fishy and becomes the spy to identify it. Soon Ananya tells Kunal about her real identity and they fall in love. The four of them sketches a plan to help Nikhil score a good name in the General’s mind to accept Reva’s love for Nikhil. The climax saw some twist and made the read interesting.

The narration was good and the usage of simple language adds plus to the book. I think the total of 177 pages is a good number for this story. To say about the drawbacks, I would first mention about the price. 300 bucks for 177 pages? No ways! Next the cover page which seems not very attractive and looks quite dull. 

To sum up my review, I would say that Ms. Swarupa Chavan has made a good effort to write this book in a neat and simple way. Reading it was like watching a movie where you can guess what comes next. But a book turns up to be an interesting read only when it gives you no idea of what the further pages is going to bring. I would give an average of 3 for 5 for this book. All the Best Ms. Swarupa Chavan.

About the Author:

Swarupa Chavan was born in Mumbai- India, where she currently works as a DGM. Apart from writing she enjoys travelling and exploring new places. She can be contacted at

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