Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Book Review: The Silent Howl of Demise

 Firstly I would like to congratulate Jyotirmoy Mazumdar for this bold attempt. After reading so many similar Indian love stories, this book is fresh without concentrating much on the love. It does have love but a brother-sister love. This is not just a novel but it is a book of facts that we are unaware of. The first thing that hooks the reader is their blurb

Assam, 2002: A young girl, somewhere in her early twenties becomes a victim to her good deeds, in an attempt to save one of the victims of the blast, she lost her own life. Life and death though are the two different sides of the same coin, change human life, very differently. When an innocent heart loses a loved one to the adversities of life and the wrongs of the people, it sows the seed of revenge in the mind, and soul of the one who is affected. The maturity of the heart falls prey to the fury inside the mind of the victim. Harsh, along with his friends, go on an adventurous journey, to find the truth behind the death of his sister, but the venture, wasn't as peaceful as they expected it to be. In the turn of events, they find out the reality behind the fiction they believed, about their own friends. Revenge, it tastes sweet, verbally, but to attain the actuality of revenge, one needs to risk, everything they ever had. From the deepest parts of their corrupted souls, to the filthiest intentions of their conscious minds, and the luxurious dreams of their illusionary world, revenge takes away, all of it. Revenge, will, not make them surrender, but it might kill their existence. What would this revenge do to the purity of their characters and the poison of revenge in their hearts?

The title “The Silent Howl of Demise” is too different that grabs every reader’s attention and the cover page clearly explains this book has got something different in it. Kudos to Sunil kaushik for the nice cover page that synchronise well with the story.

Coming to the story, the story starts with a nightmare of Harsh, where he sees his sister dying while they both are in call. The story revolves around Harsh and relationship between Harsh and Rimi, his sister is beautifully narrated. In few pages harsh takes us to his nostalgic trip explaining how he lost his sister and how her loss affected the family. After few days Harsh and his friends Manish and Anubhav goes on a trip to Kashmir where Manish being a Kashmiri explains the current scenario of Kashmir in a beautiful manner with perfect facts. Harsh wanted to know the cause of her sister loss and wants to take revenge for her sister’s loss. That is when he goes to Guwahati and gets to know the scenario of the north eastern part of India and decides to do something to them. Once after the trip comes the heroine, Priyali. The story then moves through Priyali explaining the political scenario and later Harsh tells about Rimi to her. When everything goes well, Harsh and Priyali falls in love and gets many difficulties in marriage. In few days Harsh gets a chance to move into Guwahati for his work along with Priyali and starts a movement against terrorism.

What happened to the movement? Did harsh succeed with that movement and protect them from terrorism? Did that change Assam? Did Rimi’s soul rest in peace? Read it to find out what happened.

The story has a strong plot and everyone contributes equally to the story making it interesting to read. The silent howl of demise is refreshing and is well researched. The book fictionalised on many aspects that India is seriously in need of and delivered very well without any flaws.

I would say this book is a bold attempt explaining the unaware facts of India. I got to know many things from this book and I wish this book reaches everyone’s hand. On the language front, the author has used a simple language and I didn’t find much mistakes though the book had many printing mistakes which can be rectified if reworked. 

The writing is matured and I would give 4/5 for this bold and strong attempt and wish all the best to Jyotirmoy Mazumdar for his future endeavours.

About the author:

Jyotirmoy Mazumdar is currently pursuing his bachelor of technology degree in the field of Computer Science, from SRM University. Though writing was never a priority in his schooling days, his quest to recite stories led him to write poems, short stories, and finally books. 'Did She Love Me?' is his first published novel, and 'The Silent howl of Demise' his second published work.  

You can buy the book from Homeshop18 and Infibeam.

Happy Reading J

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