Thursday, September 5, 2013

Book Review: Hold My Hand

When it comes to reading the work of our favourite author, we never bother to read the blurb. Every time I order his book once it is up for pre-order and I will make a point to finish it within the first week of its release but this time I never did the former or latter. I hope that was because I was destined to meet him in one of his book launch. I met him in the Chennai book launch on August 22nd and got the book from his hand, a signed one.

Let me start with the cover page. The cover page has got bright colour with a photograph of Hong Kong in it and could be easily spot in any shelves. The back blurb, cover page synchronise well with the story and only after reading the book I can understand why he chose this colour for the cover page.

The initial pages were described very well making us to understand the mindset of the characters. The story revolves around the main protagonist Deep, an awkward young man obsessed with the libraries and book. He is sent to Hong Kong for a paid internship programme to develop software for cataloguing the books in the central library of Hong Kong. The pain of Deep’s mother for sending him to Hong Kong is perfectly written.

The story gets its grip only after Ahana steps into the story. He doesn’t find her eye disorder at the first sight but he finds it in the second meet which is on her birthday. They dance and celebrate on her birthday night under the nose of her father, Ranbeer. Deep finds he doesn’t have much work with the intern program and he decides to spend time with Ahana. Deep and Ahana gets along with each other and goes out to many places on her birthday and eventually they meet her ex-boyfriend, Aveek, who is another blind. After a few pages the story is written from Ahana’s perspective which is very well portrayed. We could find how the city is explained to her differently by Ranbeer and Deep. The story gets along very well and describes Hong Kong city well. The tourist places of Hong Kong are perfectly described and gets along with the story. The climax was said to have some surprise but I didn’t feel the surprise.

Overall I didn’t find any mistake in the book and I was little disappointed with the story as it was average when compared to his other works like “Till the last breath”. I felt the book was completed in a hurry to meet some deadline. Otherwise Durjoy Datta can never make it simple when the plots are very strong. I give this book an average of 3.5/5 and would expect his next book to be a page turner.  

Happy reading :-)


  1. When you say Durjoy Datta the first thing that comes to your mind is a cute Bengali boy with an extremely beautiful girlfriend.
    And in this book,the girl was blind. The pratognist Deep is a nerd,weirdly tall and sleek who's given a chance to go to Hong Kong coz of some project. There he meets the girl. Ahana,who is blind but very beautiful and a handsome dad. Deep and Ahana discover Hong Kong in a different way where Deep describes Ahana everything minute detail in a very magical way. For a girl who can't see,he creates another world. He falls in a love with her and this time Durjoy gives us a 'Happy Ending'.
    The book is simply written with very complex words.
    After reading "If it's not forever" and "Till the last breath" you automatically expect a true romantic novel from Durjoy which we have got.
    Beautifully written and a book that will give you happy tears in the end.
    Must read.

    1. Huh! You have summarized the book better than me. Thanks for sharing!