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Author Interview: Swarupa Chavan author of A Journey to Remember

Welcome to the Author interview that we have today. Mrs.Swarupa Chavan author of 'A Journey to Remember' talks with us. Thanks Swarupa for spending your time in between your busy schedule. 

Author Interview

Hello Swarupa, Welcome! I am extremely glad to have you on my blog and I hope you have a great time answering the questions.

1.       Tell us something about yourself.
Swarupa: I was born and bought up in Mumbai. I am a Science graduate, majoring in Physics. Further to that I completed my MBA and Packaging Technology in which I am a rank holder. I love travelling and exploring new places. I am a simple and reserved kind of a person. Love reading and spending time with nature.

2.       Few words about ‘A Journey to Remember’
 Swarupa: A Journey to Remember – is all about friendship and love. It is about discovering your true self. An everyday incident teaches you a lesson for life. The core principles and beliefs that you grow up with, are suddenly challenged one day leaving you surprised and wondering what to do next. Life presents you with difficult choices to make. Sounds familiar? That’s what this novel is all about. A story about two childhood friends Ananya and Reva. Best of friends, yet having varied personalities which adds the spice to an otherwise boring life.
The story revolves around the lives of these two friends and how they manage to complicate and create chaos in an otherwise normal lives of people surrounding them. Misunderstandings, theft and fraudulence amidst budding romance and breaking hearts, twisting and turning the tale along its journey.

3.      I found the book to have too much filmy touch. Do you think it attracts the reader?
Swarupa: Every writer has her own style of writing. And at times the story demands a particular style of narration. Readers have responded positively to this style and have thoroughly enjoyed reading the novel. I think that’s what should matter. My books are entertaining and enjoyable.

4.      How do you compare the response of ‘A journey to remember’ and ‘To err is human’?
Swarupa: You can’t compare two different books of different topics. Where one is my debut novel which followed quickly with my second one. I would say both my novels have been well appreciated by readers. Malini and Anaya the protagonists of my books have become quite popular. Readers easily relate to the stories as they are true to real life. It is fun, emotional and romantic which entertains the readers.

5.      How will you relate yourself to the protagonist Ananya?
Swarupa: Ananya is a practical girl who does not believe in love and nor does she fall for the emotional traps. She takes her friendship very seriously and goes to far extent to save her friend from a difficult situation. Ananya is a character built out of my imagination. But somewhere along the line what she thinks and does I feel myself relating to her.

6.      Why did you opt for young women to lead the main protagonist in both the books?
Swarupa: It was not a conscious decision. It just happened as a natural process. I think being a woman I am much comfortable to write from another woman’s perspective. A woman’s psyche and her feelings are better expressed if you can feel them yourself.

7.      Since both your books has a simple story line, any idea of taking up a serious plot in your next project?
Swarupa: My next project is going to be completely different. It is not going to be a love story nor would it be humorous like my previous two projects. It is going to be on a completely different topic, one which is close to my heart and on which I have been planning to write for quiet sometime. I hope my readers enjoy this book as much as they have enjoyed my previous novels as well.

8.      What was so challenging for you to make this book a complete one?
Swarupa: I think being able to write in a natural way by which you are able to connect with your readers is the key to a good book. The story, narration, characters have to flow in a natural way. It should not be a made up attempt. Both my projects have been natural and true to real life.

9.      Which genre other then love, do you think is comfortable for you to write?
Swarupa: Both my novels have been of the Rom-Com genre. Apart from this like I mentioned earlier I shall be now attempting a serious topic. Emotional and Intriguing story telling also interests me.

10.   What’s next in line for you? Any ideas for a new project?
Swarupa: Yes, the idea and plot is playing in my mind. Soon I shall start working on it.

11.  Who is your favorite author and what are your favorite literary works?
Swarupa: Plenty… I love reading Richard Bach, Ken Follet, Jeffery Archer, Paulo Coelho and many more.

12.  You consider writing as your hobby or you have plans to become a full time writer?
Swarupa: As of now I have started writing as a hobby. Let’s see how things progress in the future.

13.  Any tips for budding writers?
Swarupa: Listen to your heart, be passionate about your work and keep writing J

Thank you Mrs.Swarupa it was great chatting with you. All the very best for your future endevours. 

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