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Book Review: Boomerang

I still feel so much involved into the story though I have finished my read few minutes back. I think it’s the author’s spell on the readers. Surely a un-put-down-able book which keeps me wonder about the author’s imagination. No book has ever made me so excited to review.

Book: Boomerang

Author: Rajshri Raajgopal

Publisher: Frog Books

ISBN: 978-93-82473-29-9

Verdict: Thrilling story of a young women and a very intriguing read.

Set in a scenic village on the outskirts of Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, this is the story of the struggles of a woman in its hostile society. The journey of Anna through her battle for freedom from an unhappy household, her first love, a debilitating marriage and a stressful divorce shows the reader how difficult life is for a young woman even in this modern era. Her remarriage is a blessing in every way but it comes with a curse too Anna finds an unusual friend who is determined to destroy her new life.

‘Boomerang’ by Rajshri Raajgopal, turns to be a thrilling read which talks about the journey of Anna, the protagonist, with an unusual friend of her. You can find the reason behind the title as you read the book. The cover page and the title are well used to hide a mystery under it. The back blurb is so brief that no one can ever expect much out of it which has helped to maintain the suspense.

Anna, a young girl who starts her new journey in a small village of kerala, initially enjoys her freedom to fly unlike the other girls who were restricted to have fun like her. Her parent’s failed marriage gives her no peace and she longs to find her love of life. Her first love gives her a heartbreak which makes her to fall sick. Upon recovering, she finds a new career as a receptionist in a hotel where George enters into her life. He falls for her at the very first sight but she shows no interest towards him. Convincing her parents he succeeds in marrying her.

Her marriage with George ruins her life and she feels of being trapped inside his big house. Adjusting her life with George who makes use of her only to have sex and her in-laws who takes no care for her, she finally breakdowns seeing her husband having affair with another women. This sudden shock results in her miscarriage. After living a hatred life for five long years, she ends her marriage in divorce.

Dev’s entry changes her hopeless life into a beautiful and loving life. They fall in love and get married. He gives her all the happiness she has never seen before. Her life turns out to be so romantic and blessed until she enters his late sister’s room which is kept locked after her death. She then encounters Maya, a spirit. Thinking her as Dev’s late sister, she befriends her. They talk about their life and discuss various things. Anna feels happy for their friendship only to regret it later.

Maya tries to put Anna into her spell and makes use of her to be freed from the world where she no mores belongs to. Not knowing her intention, Anna promises to help her with what she demands later. A demand which risks her husband’s life but she is helpless to escape from Maya. She spends ten horrible nights to help her out and in the eleventh night Anna finds an end for her freedom from Maya.  

But what did Maya demand for? Who was she and what’s her intention? To know these intriguing parts of the story, I think one should surely experience their own read.

To sum up my review, I would say Ms. Rajshri Raajgopal, has done a stupendous work in her very first book. The narration was excellent which gave me a visual reading experience. The usage a simple language and the little poems between the narrations add up to the book. The matured detailing about sex is well written by the author. The conversation between Anna and Maya was so intriguing and the way the ghosts live there life is imagined so well. I found no flaw and the emotions of love, hate, sex and spirituals are so well blended. I would give full score for this book. I’m looking forward to read her next book soon and I strongly recommend this book. All the best Rajshri.

About the Author:

Rajshri Raajgopal (b. Rajasree Parthasarathy in Thrissur, Kerala) is a graduate in English Literature from Kerala University. She also gained CELTA from Cambridge University and Postgraduate Diploma in Pre-Primary Teaching from Pune. Rajshri was a Cabin Crew with Emirates Airline and has lived in Dubai, Ireland and United Kingdom, before relocating to Bangalore. She also writes children books for Mimitra Enterprises. Her first book in this genre is Mani. She is a single parent whose determination to become successful led her to fulfill her dream of a writer. Boomerang is her first adult fiction.

You can buy the book from Flipkart and Amazon .

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