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Author Interview: Rishi Vohra author of Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai

Welcome to the Author interview that we have today, Mr.Rishi Vohra author of “Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai” talks with us. Thanks Mr.Rishi for spending your time in between your busy schedule.

Author Interview

Hello Rishi, Welcome! I am extremely glad to have you on my blog and I hope you have a great time answering the questions.


1.       Tell us something about yourself other than what you have said in author’s note.

Rishi: I have shifted residences between the U.S. and India several times, but am essentially a Mumbai boy.  I love music, plays, and traveling.  I have always been a student at heart and am always open to learning anything new!

2.       Did being a guest columnist in various newspapers in India inspire you to write novel? If so How?
Rishi:  Actually, it was working on films and screenplays that triggered the writing bug in me.  I found myself enjoying the story-telling aspect immensely, and reached a point where I wanted to try writing a book.

3.       How was your experience with Jaico Publishing house?
Rishi:  As a Publisher, they were amazing as they work as a closely-knit team and include the author in the process.  They always took time out to guide me in the publishing process and answer my queries, and being in the same city really helped.  It was a very positive experience.

4.       What was the time span of the book having been written and published?
Rishi: I wrote the book just for fun with no intention of publishing it at the time.  Later on, I pushed it towards the U.S. market but received innumerous rejection letters.  Then I rewrote the entuire book and started contacting publishers in India.  Several expressed an interest to publish the book.  I would say it took a couple of years, mainly because I wasn’t actively pursuing publication.  At the time, I was working towards an MBA, a Diploma in Environmental Law, and Sommelier of Wine course, one after the other.

5.       Not every debutant authors write a serious story at the first place.  But you have taken a challenging story line and also succeeded in it. What made you take up this challenge?
Rishi: True.  I know that this was a very risky debut as not only was the subject matter sensitive, but the story and protagonist were both unconventional.  But this was a story I really cared about and I went with my instinct.  I feel that a story should really mean something to you if you want it to touch your readers.

6.       Taking a psychotic person as a protagonist is not an easy. What made you to characterize such a person?
Rishi: The character’s psychological disorders were based on a friend of mine who had similar problems.  I created the character and really wanted to give him a story.  But before I could shape up his character, I had to do a tremendous amount of primary and secondary research to understand his conditions.  For that, I have mainly my University’s Psychology Department to thank.

7.       Why did you go for railways as the backdrop when there are many other options?
Rishi: The Railways are the lifeline of Mumbai.  Many of us use local trains as a primary means of transport to cut through the chaos of the city.  But apart from us daily commuters, there are many people whose lives are tied to the railways due to the proximity of their homes to the tracks.  And it grates on their nerves.  While traveling by train, I was always curious into the lifestyles of these residents.  And while writing the story, it seemed like a natural backdrop.

8.       The whole story was taken in a serious note. You have managed well without bringing humor to the story. But do you think some humor will add more to the story? Or any plans for writing a humorous story later?
Rishi: Well, the book does have subtle humour in it.  But yes, it’s not an out and out comedy.  My next book is.  It’s set in Bollywood.

9.       How will you describe your book in one sentence?
Rishi:  ‘Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai’ is an inspiring superhero and love story of an autistic young man, set in middle-class Mumbai.

10.  How do you take the success of you very first book?
Rishi: I have received messages from readers who have said that they saw part of themselves in the book.  It feels great to have written a book that has touched so many people in some way or the other.  For me, that is the success of the book.

11.   What’s next in line for you? Any ideas for a new project? Have you started working on it?
Rishi: As I mentioned, my next book is a light and breezy comedy set in Bollywood.  This book is based on true events.  Once again, this book is an alternative fiction.

12.   As you said you initially wrote the story for screenplay. Can we expect it to be a movie someday?
Rishi: Yes. J

13.  Who is your favorite author and what are your favorite literary works?
Rishi: I like the books of S. Hassan Zaidi.  In terms of books, The Catcher in the Rye has always been my all-time favourite.

14.  What do you like to do when you are not reading or writing?
Rishi: I like to travel, spend time with friends and family, watch plays, movies.  The list can go on and on!

15.  Comment on the current scenario of the Indian literature.
Rishi: When it comes to reading English literature, readers still prefer reading foreign authors.  But when it comes to mass fiction, the Indian market is booming.  There is a huge variety of books and authors out there, catering to readers preferences.  So I would say that the publisher industry is going through a very exciting phase!

16.  What is your advice for the aspiring authors?
Rishi: Read what you love!  Write from your heart!

Thank you Mr.Rishi it was great chatting with you. All the very best for your future endevours.

Thank you for inviting me on your blog Abhinand!  It was great chatting with you too!

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