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Book Review: Neil Must Die

I wonder how the author managed to make everything in this book stand unique among other group of books. Say, the title, which seems to confess something about the protagonist, the texture of the book which itself makes a lot of difference and of course the climax of the story, which is left to the reader’s choice. Reading the blurb, I was sure that the book is going to be an intriguing read.


Neil falls in love with his newly-wedded sister-in-law, Tuli, forcing seeds of suspicion and spilling blasphemy into the conservative Bengali family.
He runs away from the chaos, drowning himself in lies and false assurances, only to discover that Tuli is pregnant with his child-and all becomes clear.
His fears and doubts evaporate, and he sets out to make life wonderful for Tuli and their child, completely unaware that, even with the impending battle he has to fight, it is written in stone that he must die.
A story of silent rebellion, desperate escapism, self-destruction and thunderous passion.

Book: Neil must die

Author: Kaberi Chatterjee

ISBN: 978-162840070-0

Publisher: Blackbuck Publication

No. of pages: 264


The story starts with Neil’s trip to the Himalayas where he meets Cathy and open up his heart to her. The flashback is based on Calcutta and the description of the place makes easy for the readers to visualize it. True color of the city and the culture it follows gives a clear picture about the people of Calcutta. Tuli’s history of birth and her fate written makes a different introduction. Tuli is married to Neil’s brother Soumen who only dream of her in bed. Tuli shows no interest for him and disappoints him on the first day of their marriage. Tuli finds Neil to be so real and soon becomes close to him. Though Neil worries about her interest on him on the first place, he falls for her later. Their affair remains secret within Neil’s room where they have sex. Tuli pretends to be happy with Soumen but longs to live the rest of the life with Neil. Though Neil tries to move away from her, he finds him only much closer to her. Their hopeless affair comes to light when Soumen sees them together in Neil’s room. Neil then tries to explain their love but Soumen takes the matter to their mother who warns Neil for his behavior. Thus Neil and Tuli find no way to talk with other. Tuli, after knowing that she is pregnant with Neil’s baby, asks him to search for a career in Mumbai without letting him know about his baby. In Mumbai, he stays with Remo, his friend, who works for a Mafia. Juhi, a call girl helps Neil to get a job. Upon knowing that Tuli is pregnant with his baby, he leaves to Calcutta to see her only to find her dead. The shock becomes too much to bear and he leaves to Mumbai. He then works for Hussain, the Mafia and gets into a trouble. What trouble did he land up in? Does Cathy help him to recover from his past? Having no future, should Neil die?

To learn more about the story, walk up to the nearby bookshop and get your copy soon.

The author has brought all the emotions into the story which makes the reader feel the characters so alive. The narration of the story is clear and the glossary of terms helps for an easy read. The addressing of Calcutta and its culture surely makes the readers learn about the city. Tuli’s character was so interesting which I liked the most. And reading the conclusion part, I prefer Neil to live with a fresh start. I find no mistake on him to make him die. 

The credit for the uniqueness of the looks that the book carries goes to the publications. This is the first book of the Blackbuck publication and I am more than satisfied with its quality. Waiting for the new books soon from BlackBuck.

I congratulate Mrs. Kaberi Chatterjee for such a strong plot and for rendering the story in a neat way. I would rate a flat 3.5/5 for this book and would recommend for all.

About the Author:
Kaberi Chatterjee is a journalist-turned-author-turned teacher, born in India and grew up in a stately house under a conservative joint family system. She spent most of her childhood lost in her mysterious, huge house. Her imagination was fueled from here and she began writing poems and stories from the age of six. Born a Hindu and a Bengali, Kaberi attended an English medium Christian school where she grew up in learning about Christianity, singing hymns and carols. Kaberi grew up becoming a humanitarian by religion and spiritual by belief. 

Kaberi loves traveling and adventure sports. She has traversed the Himalayas and participated in white-water rafting. 

Kaberi is also a qualified classical Kathak dancer, which is her hobby. She loves animals and nature. This is her second book.

You can buy the book from Flipkart, Infibeam or Homeshop18.

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