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Book Review: Love is Vodka

Book: Love is Vodka

Author: Amit Shankar

ISBN: 978-81-925354-4-9

Publisher: Vitasta Publishing Pvt. Ltd

No. of pages: 203

Cover Designer: Deepak Jain


By the time I sit to review this book I haven’t slept for the past 30 hours. I was not endorsed with this book so long but I had to complete my final assessment which made my day hectic and left me tensed. To relieve from it and get some sleep, I took this book. The name of the protagonist, Moon was the first thing that impressed me and its blurb wide opened my eyes. It  said-

Being a love child, Moon is anything but a conventional teen. With a leading TV news anchor as her mother, an aspiring entrepreneur as her boyfriend, the word love baffles her. the whole idea of having one partner and love being eternal intrigues her.

Life turns upside down when she falls for her mother’s boyfriend. Destiny further complicates things by blessing her with a mega modelling assignment and turning her famous overnight. A war between her head & heart exposes her various hues of love.

Will she decipher the true meaning of love? Embark on an exhilarating rendezvous with moon and discover love like never before.

After reading so many college love stories this story was fresh and well written. To start with, the cover is attractive and with the pink shade it clearly says it’s a girl’s book. Thanks Deepak Jain for the cover.
The book starts with Author note where the author clearly explains about his point on love. He has explained his point on various stages of love and I agree with his point. The story revolves around a modern teenage girl, Moon, who is on an internship with one of the biggest Advertising Company. It starts with a nostalgic trip that shows the adventure with her life, career and boys. Moon Ami is a love child born to Indian mother and a French father, who later left them to take care of his ailing wife at France. From that day she has been taken care by her ambitious journalist mother. Because of her mother’s busy life she often feels neglected and misses her father. Her father always been in contact with her through phone or internet and gifted her all she wanted through online portals. When Moon turned nineteen, her mother pursues her internship in an advertising company and hence the story begins.

She is initially in a relationship with Ash and finds another man attractive. When she gets close with him she finds the president of that advertising company attractive and falls in love with him who is almost 25 years elder than her. She listens to her heart, lives in and misses her father. But to all does she find content? She becomes a model in between and becomes a stardom of the nation. She suddenly attends a rally on her friend’s compulsion. Does she find true love? Does she find the reason of her existence? Does she listen to her mother who advises her every time or does she follow her heart? Will she find a permanent residence?

Read the story to know more about Moon journey.

The book is well written with everything that is needed for an entertainment read. Moon being the main character is lively, not afraid to experiment new things in life and lives the life to the fullest. The idea of “believe in yourself” is expressed well. The devil’s character seems to be intriguing right from the first. I felt emotions at the end are missing a little and the end moved very fast. I would give a 3.5/5 and I assure you a fun read, after all it relieved all my tension by the time I finished reading this book. I’m looking forward to read his next book soon and I strongly recommend this book. Wish you all the best Mr. Amit Shankar.

A shot wasn't enough :-)

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About the author:

With over a decade of advertising and marketing experience, during his advertising stint, as a Copywriter and a Creative Director, he leveraged his creative panache backed by a solid strategic thinking. No wonder, his campaigns bagged some of the biggest creative as well as strategic marketing and communication awards. Having worked with some of world’s biggest and hottest advertising agencies, he has worked spearheaded brands like Nestle, UNICEF, Cisco, HP, GM, pedigree, Microsoft, Honda, Canon and Toshiba.

After advertising, he moved to the next level, marketing and joined one of the largest global telecom brands. It was her that he decided to take a break and tell a story on a large format.

Released in 2010, his debut novel, Flight of the Hilsa was widely accepted and appreciated. Next year, in 2011, he launched, Chapter 11. Both these went on to become national best sellers.

His passion include music, biking and photography and list of Gods; Clapton, Slash, Blackmore, Santana, Satriani, Vie and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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