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Author Interview: Suddhabrata Deb Roy, Author of Few Smiles and Few Tears

Welcome to the Author Interview that we have today. Suddhabrata Deb Roy shares about his upcoming novel "Few Smiles and Few Tears" with us. Thanks Suddhabrata for spending your time in-between your exams.

Author Interview

Hello Suddhabrata, Welcome! I am extremely glad to have you on my blog and I hope you have a great time answering the questions.

1) Tell us a litte bit about yourself?

Suddha: Well,I am just another regular guy. I did my schooling from Silchar ,Assam and then got admission into JORHAT ENGINEERING COLLEGE and am currently pursuing my BE degree in electrical engineering...

2) Tell us something about your upcoming novel, Few smiles and Few tears?

Suddha: Its a novel about the four L's-love,lust,lies and loathe. The story is about 3 people who take the centre stage of the novel at three different times of the novel. Its a sort of love triangle but not exactly a love triangle. More to that,the story has death and revenge, which you will understand when u read the book. The twist comes at the very end.

3) How did the idea to write "Few Smiles and Few tears" come up?

Suddha: Actually, I started writing on a broad basis, that means I started writing many things at the same time and at the end try to bring everything at one place under the same platform. FSFT was actually the plot of two novels that i jotted down two years ago,with the course of time, I realised that both of them work together much the idea, u can say came out of just like that.. My plots just come,i don't try to think,they just happen..

4) How long did you take to write the story?

Suddha: It took about 15 months.

5) How has your experience been with your publishers? what was the time span of the book having been written and published?

Suddha: Well,my publishers for FSFT are the best people I have ever come across. Whitefeather Publications has been a big help to me. They are always trying to help you out regarding the marketing as well as the overall quality of the book. It took me about one year to get the book on floors.

6)When we enter your Facebook profile, first thing we could see is Student Federation India. What is your part there? Why and how did you join?
Suddha:  Well, It will be better if we don't bring political discussions into it. To answer you in plain words, I am a Marxist.
7) What does Suddhabrata do when he is not writing?
Suddha:  Ah, I do a lot of things. Besides studying, I read a lot, I write for a few local magazines. As well as, I have some duties for the Students Federation of India to fulfill. I am into reading comics very much, so that occupies a lot of spate time but more than that, I am thinking of what to write next as you know, a writer has no vacation, either he is writing or thinking about writing. 
8) So you are clear that you are going to write more. Do you plan to become a full time writer?
Suddha: Yeah,i am going to write a lot more. more projects are already slated up in the upcoming months...i don't think India is set up for full time writers except a select few, if i can be them, then surely I will become a full time writer. My writing ambitions are quite high and I don't want to just write general fictions.
9) Who is your favorite author and what are your favorite literary works?
Suddha: Well, i don't have any favorite author. I like them all equally but if you insist i would say its Dan Brown and its impossible to put up a single work because the works i read are just to diverse to be listed on the same list.
10) What do you say about the present scenario of Indian literary circle?
Suddha: The bigger the better..just the one sentence..
11) When is "FSFT" officially releasing?
Suddha: It is releasing on 25th of July.

Thank you Suddhabrata, It was great chatting with you. All the very best for your future endeavors.

You can pre-order Suddhabrata's upcoming book "Few Smiles and Few Tears" at Homeshop18.

You can connect him through Facebook.

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