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Book Review: Seven Days Without You

Book: Seven Days Without You
Author: Anmol Rana
ISBN: 9789382473282
Publisher: Frog Books
No. of pages: 336
Book Editor: Cora Bhatia
Cover Designer: Archana Bais
About the Book:
‘Seven Days without You’ is a story of two childhood friends that finds its destiny only when they live seven days away from each other. What the joyous life of years together couldn’t unearth, was dug out by the heart breaking realities of seven days that were no less than a new life for him- one where his childhood friend was not with him.
The protagonist, Vishwas is all set for his first job. Enthralled with excitement the small town ‘mummy-papa’ boy leaves for Delhi and would return after seven days. His seven days without Shailja do not happen as he thought they would. His dreams ruined, expectations shattered and fantasies turned into nightmares, he realizes that life isn’t as simple as it looked from the balcony of his room.
Fun, joy, excitement, sorrow, disgust, embarrassment, deception and then LOVE… Seven days teach him the perfect definition of every sentiment. The battle of emotions and confessions that lasts for seven days transmutes his years old relationship into something else, and his heart overflows with the love he thought Shailja would never kindles inside him.
What happened in those seven days that gouged his love out of friendship?
Will Shailja still be waiting for him after these seven days? And will she reciprocate his love…?
About the Author:
Anmol Rana, 35, was born in Dehradun, and completed his education from Mussoorie and Dehradun. A postgraduate in science, he is currently working as a scientist in Defense Research and Development organization (DRDO), in Dehradun. Writing was like a hidden treasure he discovered only recently. But he invented himself into a completely new person in the form of a writer. The English language scares him, but calls it an irony of the education system that he can write only in English.

Slightly introvert by nature, he believes in understanding rather than saying. A scientist by mind and a writer by heart, he loves playing soccer and chess. Music comes naturally to him, and if you were to believe his friends, they say that he is a far better singer than a writer. This is his first book, but not the last.

‘Seven Days without You’ a simple, decent but still a beautiful story I have ever read. I give full marks for the cover page and the title of the book which is the perfect match for the story, thanks to Archana Bais for the cover. Looking at the number of pages the book had, I thought the author would have dragged and elaborated each scene which usually ends in boredom. But to the contrary, the book was so interesting throughout and I wished the book never ends. Though love stories of two best friends are common, detailing about the realization of true love in seven days is beautifully written in a clear and neat language. All the characters apart from Vishwas, the hero and Shailja, the heroin seemed to have important place in making Vishwas realize his true love for his childhood friend Shailja.

The story begins with the first day of the seven days, where Vishwas leaves to Delhi for his first job. He feels happy to stay away from Shailja, towards whom he had developed a kind of hatred from his college days. His travel with Nishika was well written and added humor to the story. Chachaji’s family was addressed with all stuffs needed for a typical middle class family. Harsha, whom Vishwas thought as his true friend, helps him to stay at Malguddi’s place. Vaijanthi and Harsha make use of Vishwas to get married which creates problem for him. Sooner he realizes that Harsha was not his true friend. The betrayal part was handled every well.

The story at his work place was well described. Bhosle, his team leader, lives a life without caring for what others say about him. Sanjana was a sweet lady with more of helping character. Vishwas finds true friendship in Rajeev at workplace. Though Shailja doesn’t revolve around the full book, Vishwas’s mind getting clouded with her thoughts at the end of each day was beautifully written. The letter was simply superb and I enjoyed reading it. The last two days was so interesting and emotional. The true love that he had not realized for years was finally realized. I loved Vishwas’s family. The last few pages gained my full attention and I enjoyed the final proposal.

To conclude my review, I would say that Mr. Anmol Rana has put a lot of effort in making his first book though it never looks like a first work. I’m sure everyone will enjoy reading this book as I did. Thanks to the author for writing a beautiful story of true friends that talks about all kind of emotions. It isn’t a love story but a tale of true friends. . I give 5 out of 5 for this book. I’m looking forward to read his next book soon and I strongly recommend this book. Wish you all the best Mr. Anmol Rana.
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