Friday, June 7, 2013


Waiting has been a part of my life. I don’t know how many has been waiting for the things they wished, as people around me got everything they wished, instantly. I never saw anyone longing for things they dreamt of. Either it is a pen or gadgets, they got it instantly. The major issue I noticed with them was those things became uninteresting in few days of owning or they feel it is outdated. Recently one of my friends bought an I-phone 4 and I saw him adoring that mobile the day he bought but today he seem to have lost interest over it. When I asked the reason he gave a simple reply by saying “It has become old as there are better one than this and to top it all, I-phone 5 has arrived in stores.” I wonder how their likes changes instantly.

But I was not one among them. I had to wait for everything I wished. Right from my childhood, I never got anything instantly and I never compelled or nagged any one to get me what I wished for. I always asked only once and waited with the hope that one day or the other I will get that or I made myself to buy what I wished for. Only in that way I got my first ever pencil, toy, drawing note, pen and phone but I didn’t throw those after using it or for the silly reason because it has become outdated and I will never because only I know the pain and the pleasure of waiting. I still have the first ever pencil even though it has become so small. Many people has asked me, teased and scolded me for using my first phone, Nokia 2600, but they didn’t know how important it is to me. The first time comes only once and I want to cherish that all time. No one can understand the importance of the things unless and until they had longed for. And, at the same time my likeness towards that never went down and will never go down because I know the value of it and the urge I had had on it. Only after experiencing these, I came to know that “Anything you get instantly will never be stable.

Hope and patience is what needed for waiting which I have got more. So I will wait until I get what I wish for. If you have both of them then you will get what you wish for, though it may take time. Try experimenting once; you will enjoy the pain and the pleasure of longing. Right now, even after knowing it would take a longer time, I’m waiting for my dreams to come true.

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