Sunday, July 7, 2013

Book Review: Come On, Inner Peace

Book: Come on, Inner Peace! I don't have all day!

Author: Sachin Garg

ISBN: 9789381841303

Pages: 238

Publishers: Grapevine India

I am the guy who hates sequel, just because I have to wait for it for another year. In that case I have been waiting for “Come on, Inner peace” since 16 months. I was pestering Sachin, for this book so long and he promised me that I will receive Come on Inner peace on June 10. As he said homeshop18 delivered me on time, but it was a defective book. I ordered again and received it during my exams and I had to wait for a while to read it.

Before we talk about the story, first I would like to tell about the cover page. Come on inner peace is one of the books in recent time which has extremely high quality cover and is designed by one of the famous designer Sumit. The cover image and the choice of colour is intriguing and one can easily spot it on shelves of any bookstore. The title is suitably in sync with the cover image and gives a rigorous idea of the plot but the paper quality is bit disappointing.

The book summary itself very different and it says

Samar Garg lost his peace, after his beloved passed away.
Navya Sharma abandoned her peace, in the hands of drugs.
Vandana doesn’t want to let go off her peace, but destiny has other plans for her.
We are all looking for peace of mind. So are they.
An adventure which began at The Ashram, in Rishikesh, becomes one of the most soul crunching journeys ever!
Will they find out what they are looking for? Will they find inner peace?
Will in the process of reading this book, you find out a thing or two about yourself?

As I had read “Never let me go” (its prequel) three times I was clear about the story and I was wondering how the next book is going to be. He had made his readers to wait so long and I would say the wait was worth. Come on inner peace is a book with unique story which will deliver many messages from this book.

The story starts with the examination of Samar followed by his internship holidays. He has strongly believed that he is the reason for the death of Kanika and he is very depressed about it. People around him pass a pity look whenever they see him and that was another reason he has detached from his friends. His mother who was very concerned about him was always with him and was much worried about him. Only friend who wanted to relieve from his depression was Saloni. As a psychology major, she tried her best to relieve him from his depression but everything went in vain. Failing with her attempts she sends Samar to The Ashram at Rishikesh. When he reached the Ashram he tries very hard to meditate but memories never allow him to be at peace. He tries hard to control himself but with vandana’s notorious activity they are asked to meet Swamiji. What does swamji says meeting Samar? Why and how did Navya come into the story? What has vandana got to do with Samar’s peace? What has meth got to do with the story? Will everyone get their peace?  Read the book to know all these questions.

To say about the writing, the book is flawless, intriguing, well researched, beautifully written and unputdownable. On the language front, there were no grammatical errors and I did not find any mistakes and every sentence is well structured. Chapters are structures very well and are full of Mr. Sachin’s minute observations that made characters authentic and real. “Come on, inner peace” is the first book that I read thrice before reviewing and never felt story losing its engrossing character. Everytime I felt more involvement in the story and perfectly synched chapters made the book wonderful read.

To sum-up my review, I must say, “Come on, Inner peace” is one of the best books by any young Indian author. It takes you towards the hope and a better life after a loss of beloved one and the adventure to find the bright side of the life. The book gives a great message to society and the best thing about the book is, literally anyone can read it, because the story is not targeted to any specific age group and it’s clean enough that you can blindly suggest to anyone. Now I should wait for Mr. Sachin Garg’s next work “We need a rEVOLution” for another year. Hope he gives us in a short period and looking forward to read it. I would give 4.5/5 for “Come on, Inner peace” and highly recommend it.

You can buy the book from Homeshop18/ Flipkart/ Amazon.

Happy Reading :-) 


  1. More than the engaging and extremly hooking story, i am very happy to finally see an Indian author doing something different. the way he has combined relevant teachings of his swami with the story of his hero Samar, makes me feel satisfied that all that is getting written by indian authors is not crap. The articulate way in which it is written separates it from rest of d books ive read by Indian authors. and the experimentation with lesbianism is again something revolutionary and other writers like Chetan bhagat would pee in their pants before attempting something so bold.
    this was my first Sachin garg book and i'm surely a huge fan now. hope he doesn't let this standard go down

    1. He always does that. Check out "I'm not twenty four" of Sachin Garg. It has another different path where he wrote the story from girls point of view.

  2. Oh! Did you know that the story is a rip off of breaking bad (a popular television show). You can compare them by watching the first season of this show.
    Sadly, your review is biased for an author who copied.
    Before saying anything negative, just make comparisons and you ll know I am not lying.

    1. Oh is it so? I didn't know that.
      See that show has not reached much people but his book has reached many.
      Though that couldn't have been the same replica, may be the base line would have been the same.

  3. I ain't able to find this book ... :(

    I am not 24 ... awesomely written. A book dat u'l cling to until u come on to the last page... twist turns and dats how life runs

    1. I have shared order links of three online stores in my review itself.