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Book Review: Look Stunning At Any Size

Book: Look Stunning At Any Size

Author: Parimita Chakravorty

ISBN: 9789381588437

Publisher: V & S Publishers

No. of pages: 172

Genre: Style and Beauty

About the Author:

Parimita Chakravorty is a writer, content specialist and a communications professional who currently resides in Mumbai. She has an extensive background of feature writing, editing, research and content creation for beauty and fashion magazines, blogs and websites. She is also associated with diamond grading and jewellery industry and has written on various related topics. She strongly believes that if you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. The book ‘Look stunning At Any Size’ is all about celebrating womanhood. Parimita supports causes related to women’s health in India. She is working towards bringing awareness about Endometriosis in India and maintains a page where patients can interact and discuss about their condition.

About the Book:

The book has been written keeping in mind the contemporary Indian women, her needs, her lifestyle and demands of her professional life. It has information specifically suited for Indian colour tone, texture as well as sense of style. It intends to bring together a comprehensive overview about how to be presentable and confident with comfortable styling and dressing.

It has makeup suggestions hairstyle suggestion hair and beauty care suggestions for all. Everyone will find something useful in this book as it tries to cover most of the problem areas of today’s women. It is not about fashion but identifying one’s innate style sense and the quest to look beautiful. It is a staple to long term elegant dressing and a wardrobe essential. This book has been written with the help of eminent experts who are revered in their fields. Therefore, it contains practical solution conveniently listed at one place for today’s busy women. It is a ready reference for everyone.

Not only does the book cover various ways to look good but also lists body types face shapes different body build and the style disasters one should avoid at all cost. It also lists in detail various  accessories shoes colour charts undergarment essentials dress style as per body type that one could refer while shopping.

This is a style guide to help you in your shopping list and tell you where to invest; what to wear and where which are the wardrobe essentials and how to use them to your benefit. Don’t be a slave to fashion. Choose dresses carefully. What might be looking good on a mannequin might not look good on you. Next time go shopping like a style pro and make prudent choices. Become your own wardrobe stylist. 


First, I thought the book would be only text but when I opened the book I was surprised to see various topics with the description and images. I read a few pages and found its purely a girl’s book. So I passed it over to my friend Navya. When she started reading she said “Dude it’s something which I need the most” and she said that she will help me in reviewing it. So this review is the work of both of us.

I think every young woman should read this book. This is the first and the best style related book I have ever read. I thank the author for having written such a book that is well suited for Indian women. She keeps her advice simple, real, and most importantly, she focuses on self-confidence and true care for your body rather than sending forth a materialistic message. Her advice “To look stylish, you need not wear expensive clothes, but wear clothes that look expensive” is very apt.

I got this book knowing almost nothing about beauty and fashion. I had no interest in spending time in front of the mirror and guessing what make-up or dress suits me until I read this book. I should say that this particular book has totally changed my view of how important it is to present oneself neatly with the things that best suit you.

Reading this book, I got to know myself better as it helped me to know my bone structure, face type and my body type for which I had no idea before. It has also helped me to know what a perfect wardrobe must contain. The author has clearly explained what kind of clothes and accessories will look good on you, knowing your body type and also the best colour that will go well with your skin tone. She has given advice on basic dressing style and also the do’s and don’ts.

When hair styling is considered, the most important part of any make-up; this book will guide you to know what hair style will suit your face type. Along with her suggestions, the author has also lent her support in taking care of our hair by giving few tips to maintain good and healthy hair.

Face make-up is always given importance before stepping out. As the author says, Make-up can make or break your look. This book will also guide you to know what kind of make-up should be used and it also has few tricks for make-up which is really very informative. The author has given ideas for different looks with different make-up along with beautiful pictures. Just like the tips for hair maintenance, she has also recommended few guidelines for skin care which also includes eyes, lips, nails, and skin. Good detailing is given on the types of facials. As right accessories can make a lot of difference to enhance your overall look, this book has all the essential information about the extra stuffs that will enhance your style which includes types of handbags, belts, scarves, jewellery, watches, sunglasses and shoes.

Thus, I personally think this book is what all women are searching for. I highly recommend this book to any woman who cares about her well-being and how she presents herself. When my friends saw this book at my desk, everyone was attracted with the content and some fought to take this book with them for reading. Those who lost the fight came back to me saying that the book is out of stock in the online book stores and reserved the book once it is back to me but I am finding it very hard to get it in back. Thanks Ms. Parimita Chakravorty for such an informative book on creating a personal style through dressing efficiently. I wish someone had written for men this way.

You can buy the book from Infibeam , Crossword or directly from VS publications.

Happy Reading :-)

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