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Author Interview: Shubham Choudhary author of "My EX fell in love"

Welcome to the Author interview that we have today. Shubham Choudhry author of My ex fell in love talks with us. Thanks Shubham for spending your time in between your busy schedule.

Author Interview

Hello Shubham, Welcome! I am extremely glad to have you on my blog and I hope you have a great time answering the questions.

1)      Tell us something about yourself?
Shub: Well, as you know me from my book already, an engineer and a part time writer. I love to do things the world finds crazy.

2)      How will you describe your book “My EX Fell In Love” in one sentence?
Shub: That's something I've never been asked! Let me try. It's a journey from love to love, via some funny ways and humorous obstacles.

3)      Debutant authors prefers to write love stories. Is it because it is safe? and how did the idea of My ex fell in love creep in?
Shub: I'd be wrong if I say no. But the answer can't be a direct yes either. Yes, debut authors do like to start with love stories. Not because they're safe, but comparatively easier to write. Although you do get a promising market but a true writer won't care about the number of buyers before starting to write. Other subjects like crime fiction etc, require more research which very less people tend to do. Idea of the novel, just one fine day it struck me. I was blogger for a long time and people used to praise my humorous side a lot. So I thought, why not convert that into a book. A vague idea was there, I built upon that and now you can see what it turned into.

4)      How will you relate yourself to the main character (Yatharth)?
Shub: People do tell me they picture me while reading Yatharth's narration. But I am quite different. While Yatharth is a good researcher, I was struggling to pass all the subjects in college. While he struggles to maintain his love life, I've had my fair share! ;) Although there are a few similarities too. Like crazy friends, super cool parents and a good pre college academic record!

5)      This is something I wanted to ask you most. You have made the project work to play a pretty good role in your book, is that your own project work or you did some research on the concept to write about it?
Shub: Ha ha. Well I must say you're asking some questions which I always wanted to answer, but was never asked! Well. I've never done any serious project in my engineering, leave apart doing research on particle physics! As I said I had a pretty good academic record before college, so that time I wanted to go into research in the same field. Although, future had something else in store for me. But I managed to let it out through the book. I did slight research, just to get my facts right. Rest all was my knowledge from school time.

6)      When Shubham is such a good scholar, how did the radio jockeying come into? do you have any plan to work on it in future? 
Shub: I used to listen to Radio a lot when I was preparing for JEE. And sometimes I used to fool my friends by calling them and pretending to be an RJ from some random FM station. They told me I was good. The thing got certified when I won the RJ hunt in my college and then on the city level. Currently I am too caught up to do it, but it definitely is in the plans. Someday, for sure

7)      Do you have any plan to write another novel? If so have you started with it?
Shub: Yes and yes. I started with it right when I was halfway through my first one. It was just in an idea stage with a synopsis, until a month back when I started with it's manuscript.

8)      Humour is one of the toughest genre to write and why did select it? You wanted to be different or it was because you are ease at it?
Shub: I think my blog would answer that better. I have been funny since forever. While people say humor is the toughest genre, I find it quite easy to write. Having said that, I'd never want to stick to one genre. The day I feel more confident and matured as a writer, I'd love to try fantasy and crime fiction.

9)      How has your experience been with your publishers? What was the time span of the book having been written and published?
Shub: Leadstart is anything but unprofessional. Not once did I feel neglected, neither was there any delay from the promised timeline. I wrote the book in around 4-5 months. And they took around 4 months in accepting and publishing it. But that's not all you want from a publisher. I do have quite a lot of complaints about their distribution and publicity. But what's past is past.

10)  Who is your favorite author and what are your favorite literary works?
  • Wings of Fire: Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam,
  • Memories of Midnight: Sydney sheldon
  • PS: I love you: Cecilia Ahern.
  • Recently, Immortals of Meluha was one book I totally loved!
11)  Do you have any plans to become a full time writer?
Shub: Not now. I have a lot on my plate and more than that, I don't think I am there yet, as a writer. I need to grow, rather evolve into a better writer with time.

12)  What do you like to do when you are not reading or writing?
Shub: What not! I sing. I am a gaming freak! I even develop android and windows phone applications. (I must say this is all I do for timepass, good at nothing :P )
13)  Comment on the present scenario of Indian publishing industry.
Shub: It needs a LOT of improvement. Self publishing is too defamed in our country. A handful of top publishers rule the industry while thousands of smaller ones pop out every day not to give the big fishes any competition but to accommodate the writers who weren't getting published otherwise. This is degrading the quality and not to mention, helping in making the stereotype that every engineer becomes a writer!

14)  What advice do you give for the aspiring authors?
Shub: I am an aspiring author myself. Still, from what I've learned:
Write, not to sell, but because your heart wants to. Compete, not with people, but with your previous best work.

Thank you Shubham it was great chatting with you. All the very best for your future endevours.

Thanks Abinand. It was really nice answering all your questions. :)

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