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Book review: My ex fell in Love

Book: My EX Fell In Love
Author: Shubham Choudhary
ISBN: 978-93-82473-02-2
Publisher: Frog Books
No. of pages: 204
Book Editor: Sharmila Ramnani
Cover Designer: Archana Bais
About the Book:

Yatharth, an intelligent ‘over-achiever’ is very clear about his life’s goal-research. However, he faces a new challenge-a girl! Will Yatharth be able to face this challenge and continue with his life’s goal? With friends such as Mr. intelligent Sudeep, Mr. handsome-funny-But still not datable Vikalp, the style icon Samantha and the counselor friend Pratishtha, Yatharth has all support that he doesn’t need!

Sanchita, a sentimental girl is all beauty but takes life seriously. Will she be able to handle the challenges she is about to face with love entering her life? ‘My EX fell in love!’ is a hilarious tale of growing up and dealing with the consequent challenges of life in a unique way. Enjoy the light, humorous and witty story of these youngsters, which will bring a smile on your face.

About the author:

Shubham Choudhary is a Final year student of MNIT Jaipur, pursuing a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication. Being an active blogger, he has written over a hundred articles, stories and poems. His works mainly include humour based on daily life.

Besides writing, he likes travelling and reading biographies and fiction. He also has a deep interest in music and has taken training in the field of Radio Jockeying as well.

He is actively involved in the start-up TalEx India. He has written for many websites, noticeable among them being,,, News That Matters Not and

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‘My EX Fell In Love’ is a simple and plain story which revolves around a young student that each one of us can relate to. Starting with the cover page of the book, it is good with comic content. The title again well suits the story and it gives a hint about the content. So both the cover page and the title scores full mark. Next to tell about the narration, it is very well narrated which makes you put yourself in place with the character. The language which is simple and clear is a big plus point for this book.

Yatharth, the hero, is an intelligent engineering student who is unlike the usual student character we normally read. He works for his goal but still enjoys his college life with his friends. Sudeep, again an intelligent student, is always dedicated to his work and supports Yatharth in all ways. Vikalp, unlike his two friends, is born to hit on girls but still waiting for his first date. Vikalp’s character adds humour to this book. His lame jokes and thrashing with friends keeps the story alive.

Sanchita, the heroin, plays a simple and elegant role though I felt her character was less expressed. Their love which last for only some time was described short and sweet. The author had made a clear point not to elaborate every scene in detail which is good for a good book. With 204 pages, he has well managed to bring the story alive. Samantha, a friend of Sanchita, entertains with her snub when Vikalp tries to flirt with her.

Though the project part was carried throughout the story, it was well written in needed place without dragging it’s part. After the break-up of Yatharth and Sanchita, I liked the story even more. The usual break-up stories will leave a heavy heart in the readers but this was something differently written. Raunak’s character was well addressed in the story.

To summarize the review, I would say the Mr.Shubham Choudhary has done a wonderful work in writing. This is a kind of book which makes you feel light after reading. Though with a simple story line and simple language, the book scores 4 out of 5. I strongly recommend this book and looking forward for his next work.

You can buy the book from Flipkart.

Happy reading :-)

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