Monday, December 1, 2014

Book Review: Paper Towns

Could anyone steal the show in the very first paragraph of a book? I have never thought so until I read this one. Is this called a Miracle? Like the Miracle that happen to Q? May be it is. But here the miracle does not stop with the first few lines but it seems to continue with every turning pages. You wonder how? Here is the simple answer ‘John Green’. Got it?

The thing about Margo Roth Spiegelman is that really I could ever do was let her talk, and then when she stopped talking encourage her to go on, due to the fact that 1. I was incontestably in love with her, and 2. She was absolutely unprecedented in every way, and 3. She never really asked me any questions…

Quentin Jacobson has always loved Margo from afar. So when she climbs through his window to summon him on an all-night road trip of revenge he cannot help but follow. But the next morning, Q turns up at school and Margo doesn’t. she’s left clue to her disappearance, like a trail of breadcrumbs for Q to follow.

And everything leads to one unavoidable question: WHO IS THE REAL MARGO.

 I had absolutely no idea what a "paper town" is before reading this book. I though it to be some place having a paper mill or say just a title of a book. Then along with the journey of searching Margo, I came to know what exactly a ‘Paper Town’ is.

The novel begins with 9 year Quentin "Q" Jacobsen, and his neighbor Margo Roth Spiegelman, discovering a dead man at a park. Q, who is scared, wants to run from the place whereas Margo wants to know why and how did he die. Though this dead man has nothing to do with the story, this little incident clearly describes the characteristics of both main protagonists. After that incident, they quite drift apart.

At high school, Q has his own geeky circle of friends, not a big circle though. Ben and Radar being the best among them, are planning big for the prom show. Margo, who is the queen for her followers, doesn’t hang out with Q in school. When she comes to know that she is betrayed by her friends, she decides to take a revenge on them. On a fine night she turns up to Q’s window to summon him on her revenge trip. The next morning, when Q manages to turn up to the school, Margo doesn’t shows up.
Later on, Margo’s parents finds that she has left the house like she had done before. Her parents who are fed up with her behavior, seems to give up on finding her.

Q, who has spent the night with Margo on the revenge trip, couldn’t wait till she gets back to her house on her own. He wanted to find her out. With the help of his friends Ben and Radar, he finds the clues that Margo has left for him to track her. Lacey, Margos’s friend and also Ben’s girlfriend, joins them in their journey which turns out to be a very adventurous trip. The end of the story reveals the answer for whether or not Margo was found and what was she doing all these days.

The most interesting part of the story was the clues that Margo had left for Q and how he manages to figure of the clues. Here Margo’s character is portrayed with brilliancy. Ben and Radar, who travels throughout the story, have bought humor into the story. Q, though is not portrayed with heroic stuffs, still steals the show with his willpower to find her.

To sum up my review, I would say John Green has done an adventurous work in this book and I would rate 4.5/5. Though it seems to have some influence of his previous work, this book has proven it own way to reach the people. I very strongly recommend this book for all book lovers.

So people what are you waiting for? Go join Q in the journey of Finding Margo.

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Happy Reading :-) 

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