Friday, February 14, 2014

Book Review: One in a Million

There is always a special happiness when you read a book that is written by your friend. Harshita Srivastava and I were readers while we entered Mechanical engineering course but she passed out as writer while I am still a reader. I took “One in a million” along with me during the travel from Chennai to Madurai and I should really say it kept me away from boredom.

With one glimpse on the cover page of the book you can conclude that the story revolves around a female and the title really impressed me. The cover page is attractive and thanks to Prakansh Rathaur for it. The story revolves around the beautiful protagonist Priyanka. The story clearly shows how love changes a girl to women. The story starts on a rainy day and the rain has also equally played a role. She falls in love for the first time with Shashank on her school days and loses him. She then finds his best friend Vishal, falls for him and loses him too. Fed up with both defeats she concentrates much on her life and her passion. Soon she gets friend with Shashank few days later. How did Shashank change priyanka’s life and how did Shashank’s life get changed after Priyanka’s entry? Did their friendship last? Read it to know further.

At first, the story was little weird and seemed predictable but all my prediction faded away as I turned the pages. I should say Ms. Srivastava has done perfect justice to the story and has perfectly narrated the story. The bond between Priyanka and Vishakha has been written well without missing any emotions. Throughout the story the author has not missed anything and has penned down all the emotions perfectly. The story also answers few questions about Long Distance Relationship, Double crossing and social network site’s love. The way the author ends the story is cool and the poems in between the narration are awesome. “If the love is true then it can happen anywhere and can exist wherever you are” is the underlying theme of the story. Reading the whole story I found the title syncs well with the story and is well suited.

Ms. Srivastava has done a commendable job with her debut book. The author has brought out all the emotions perfectly and has kept the language simple. All characters are well defined and the best thing I liked in the story is that the characters are given a chance to speak at different situations. Though it was sometimes silly, it makes the story complete. The climax is the best part of the book and I enjoyed reading the Dating sessions of Priyanka.

Overall it was an entertaining read and I would give 4/5. Kudos for the first book and I heard the author is working on the second book “Bad Romance”. All the best for it and I would like to read it soon.

You can get a copy for yourself at Infibeam.

Happy Reading :-)

(P.S.- I am yet to receive my signed copy :( .)


  1. Thank you so much for such a lovely review Abhinand. Believe me, it's indeed the best V Day ever :) And talking about the autographed copy, I promise to send you a copy of Moonlit Matinee very soon :)

    ~Stay blessed~

    1. I am glad you liked it :) Waiting for Moonlit Matinee.