Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Book Review: No Time for Goodbye

Time Travel? Is it even possible? Common! I have only seen it happen in movies. BTW the question is not whether or not time travel is possible but it’s all about what would life be if we travel back to past. Sounds crazy right??!! Here is yet another story which will steal your time for a while.

2012, Bangalore. Sixteen-year-old Tamanna finds an old Polaroid photograph in the attic and stumbles into her mothers past.

It is 1982. Tamanna finds herself in her grandmother's house where her mom seems to be younger than she is. She also meets her grandmother, aunts and Manoj, her mothers charming neighbour. Manoj's granddad is a scientist working on time-travel but he seems pretty clueless about getting Tamanna back to the present. Even as Manoj helps Tamanna sort out the mess that she's in, they fall hopelessly in love. How will the impossible attraction ever work if Tamanna has to return?

A delicious romance, No Time for Goodbyes is tender, irresistible and unforgettable all at once.

No time for Good Byes begins with the usual description of a 16 year old Girl, Tamanna. Waiting for her collage admissions, she is already bored staying at her home with her mom and her younger sister Raina. Wanted to be isolated, she finds a dirty yet a secret place at the terrace to get involved with the Harry potter book. She finds a photograph of her mom with her sisters in their childhood along with a guy posing with them. Little did she know that this photo is going to life her toppy turvy. She decides to leave the place as her mom had already started to search for her.

When Tamanna goes downstairs, she gets a strange feeling. Finding her way down, she realizes things to be changed. The place where she was staying minutes before seems to be no longer her own house. Later she finds not alone the house to be changed but also the people inside the house were no longer familiar to her. She lands up in her grandmother’s house where her mom and her two aunts were younger than her. She also meets her mother's neighbor Manoj, on whom her mother has a crush and later as the story progress she herself was falling in love with. From Manoj, she comes to know that the photo which was taken by a camera designed by his grandfather was made to take people into the future. Due to some technical faults she lands up to 1982 which is almost 30 years back.

Though she feels strange to be in the past, she slowly falls in love with the whole bunch of people and the ambience. Does she gets back to the present? Or does she decide to make her life roll back to the past permanently? Will her love for Manoj fade away with the past? Order a book for yourself to know the unexpected end of this time travel journey.

With a seemingly different plot, Andaleeb has created a brilliant story which made me wonder how it would have been to meet my own mother, when she was a teenager. I especially loved the comparison of 1980s Bangalore with 2012s Bangalore. Though it is not that easy to write a story based on time travel, the author has succeed in bringing up an interesting story with a flawless narration. The language she has used is simple and neat which make it easier to live the character. I’m sure ever one will enjoy reading this book as I did. I would rate this book with *** stars. Looking forward reading the other two parts of Tamanna Trilogy.

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Happy Reading :-)

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