Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Book Review: Back In Time

Did anyone miss Tamanna? No worries!! She is Back in Time to steal your time again travelling back and forth into the past and the future. So it’s time to travel along with her who had No Time for Goodbyes.

Tamanna is back in 1983. She and Manoj are very much in love with each other, against all odds. But with the camera getting stolen she has no idea how she will ever get back to the present. She tries not to panic and to enjoy life in the 80s, while saving her Ajji??s house from the scheming and conniving Rukmini. And it sure is strange to be the same age as her mom, who is fortunately unaware that Tamanna is her daughter from the future! Then, just as she is beginning to get used to this life, the future starts catching up with her in a way that she could not have anticipated.

This irresistible sequel to No Time for Goodbyes will remind you of your first love andhow, no matter what, there is always the reassuring comfort of family.

For those who have no clue about No Time for Goodbyes, here is a small rewind of Tamanna’s story. Tamanna travels back in time to the past and lands up to 1982 which is almost 30 years back. She ends up in her grandmother’s house where her mom and her two aunts were younger than her. She falls in love with Manoj, her mother’s neighbor, and suffers between moving to the present, and being with her love in the past. She finally manages retuning to the present with the help of the Polaroid camera, which had been the reason of this Time-travel. Reworking the camera to act as a forward time-traveling machine she returns to the present life. Soon she discovers that she can time travel back and forth, using alternatively the photos and the camera. On one such visit to the past, the camera which was helping her to live both the present and the past life is stolen.

Back in Time begins with Tamanna staying at her Grandmother’s house with her mother, and her aunts who are now more of friends. Being around with Manoj, her love, she enjoys the past life. The story moves to the next stage when an unexpected relative, Rukmini, makes her visit to Tamanna’s granny house. With her secret plan of selling granny’s house, Tamanna smells the plans of Rukmini. Meanwhile, Tamanna and Manoj involve themselves in finding the stolen Camera.
Soon Tamanna reveals the plans of Rukmini and the whole family sighs a heavy relief. Later she gets to know that the stolen camera has been found in Madras. Travelling back from Madras with Manoj, their bus meets with an accident and Tamanna is injured. At this point, she is thrown into her present. This incident gets the attention of doctors and media as the girl who was just sleeping in bed suddenly turns to get injured.

So what happens with Manoj after the accident? Will he manage to find her love back? Will Tamanna make her way to the past again? To know the interesting climax of the story make an order of the book soon.

Andaleeb proves to steal the show time and again making the readers to travel into a fantasy world. The narration is no different from the previous book and the author succeeds with the sequels. I would rate this book with *** stars for 5 and I do strongly recommend this book for those out there waiting to read books with different plot. 

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Happy Reading :-) 

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