Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Book Review: The Virgins

Reading a coming-of-age book is always fun and this book gives you no disappointment. 
Not every book gives you the chance to re-live your sweet memories but this story will surely bring back those memories which you have always cherished. 

How does one become a man?
Three young friends are about to find out.

With six unmarried sisters and a perennially drunk father, Pinku, a 19-year-old school dropout, has only one dream left: to marry the plump girl who’d caught him stealing flowerpots. His friend and confidant, 17-year-old Bhandu, is not faring any better — his parents are divorcing, his father has abandoned him, and the American tourist he is infatuated with doesn’t even know he exists. Bhandu and Pinku seek solace in the distracting shenanigans of their friend Guggi — a pampered rich brat who can do anything for a thrill. Guggi’s reckless hedonism lands the threesome in a series of 'sexpot' escapades — each adventure weirder than the one before.
But their seemingly innocuous joyride is about to end.
With their Class 12 exams around the corner, Guggi, restless to leave a mark, takes over the school’s notorious protection racket in a violent coup. The fallout drags the trio into a murky world of heartbreak, betrayal, and bloody vengeance . . .
Fast, funny, and earthy, The Virgins is a coming-of-age novel that marks the debut of a promising writer.

“The Virgins” is about three friends living in Banaras – Pinku, Bhandu and Guggi. Pinku is a school-dropout, with responsibilities towards his family, dreams of marrying a girl he loves and he is all of nineteen. Bhandu’s life is a mess. His family is not the perfect family and he is also searching his way on the road to love. Guggi is always up to no good and trouble, thanks to his friends as well. Besides this, they have their class 12 exams round the corner and life couldn’t get more exciting. From there on in this small town India, their lives begin and take on a different turn.  

A remarkable story of friendship, love, deceit and how teenagers grow into men by learning the hard way. Siddharth style of writing is incredibly witty and fast paced making it a page turning adventure. Set in the back drop of Banaras, this book will be interesting for those who had lived their childhood in such small towns. The title is catchy and so is the colorful cover page. The character formation was balanced giving equal importance to each characters. Overall a funny, entertaining and touching story.

To sum up my review, I could say Mr. Siddharth Thripathi has done a commendable job producing this book. He doesn't seem like a first time writer and he definitely has his own style which is totally different. I would give 3 stars for his story and I would like to read his next book soon. All the best Siddharth Thripathi.

The book was received as part of Reviewers Programme on TheTales Pensive.

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Happy Reading :-) 

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