Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Book Review: Syahi - Power of the Pen

I always loved the idea of Anthology which I believe lays a path for all budding authors. Syahi is a collection of many sweet and emotional love stories. I congratulate all the authors who have given their best to make this book a beautiful rose full of fragrance. Something very important to mention here is about the editing which is done in a way that it should be done. The cover page is very creative and pleasing. Thanks to Sunil Kaushik and Abhishek Joshi for giving this book a elegant look with two different covers. The blurb is carefully written to gain the attention of the people. I really liked it. I would like to give my feedback about few stories written in this book.

·         An Odyssey of Discovering Life by Apoorva Arora is the first story and it had all the essence to make a perfect start. The story talks about the journey of Aparna in search of the meaning of life. The author has given a clear picture of what a life is supposed to be. The title is very catchy and it perfectly goes well with the story. The climax really touched my heart. Beautiful read.

·         Better late than never by HIkatshi Bawa is a sweet love story of Akriti and Viraat. This story is for those who wait for a lifetime to express their feeling to the loved one. Akriti takes the right decision in proposing his love rather to wait. The love between them is very well defined that I was able to live each words.

·         Letting go by Aman Sharma is completely a very emotional story. The author has beautifully written by carefully handling the emotional part. The pain of living with someone we hate is more than letting them go out of life is what the story talks about. Good job Author.  It’s never too late is also by Aman Sharma. This is a sweet love story between Nikhil and smriti. The relationship between the characters is well expressed.  I like Letting go much than the second story.

·         26/11-A Dark twilight by Nehali Lalwani is a story which talks more about the most tragic incident that India has seen recently. The mention of 26/11 itself brings a shiver within every Indian.  Reading this story, one can realize the pain of those who lost their beloved once. Brilliantly narrated. A lesson for life is another story of this author. A short and sweet story about life and how to live life to the fullest.

·         Life a Vague mystery by Kushi Gupta is a story which talks about the emotional relationship between a mother and a daughter. How does a girl’s life suffer with a divorced parents?  Sarah’s suffer is well defined when her parents get their divorce. A very heart throbbing read and the climax speaks it all.

·         Shattered Tatters by Ayush Agarwal is a story of Kehav which has its own twist and turns. I like the way the author has narrated. The title is very catchy indeed. One particular incident that happens in a clinic is the most unexpected part. Surely a page turner. You Amaze me! is the next story of the author which I enjoyed the most. The idea of narrating the story from a eight month old child is amazing. The read was fun and emotional. Good work Ayush.

·         Sometimes it’s not simple by Neoni D’souza is a simple story which has an interesting climax as the title says. Reading the story I never expected the climax to have such a big twist. Narration was way good and I enjoyed reading it. That Night @ 12 is the next story of Neoni. It talks about the relation which some special person. An emotional tale.

·         The Survivor-U Khand Flood disaster by Omung Goyal is story which talks about yet another tragedy of India. The Uttra Khand flood disaster. The reading got very emotional with each word. Kadir’s journey as a survival was really filled with emotions. Nicely written. To be hanged till death is the last story of the book. I felt happy to have read an interesting story by the end of the book. Though it had some filmy touch, with all twist and turns the climax was made good. Good read.

·         3 sins by Salli Shah talks more about the reality that is more common in India. Girls are still considered as sin in few parts of the world where they are treated worse than animals. Some even kill them inside the womb. Sexual harassment is something the whole country is talking about recent but still we see no hope for the welfare of girls. This story is written so well.  The Un-destined Love is the other story by this author. Love happens with an unexpected person in an unexpected part of life. The story is well narrated and I liked the story.

·         It all started with a Key by Shrutee Parekh is a story about two friends with the concept of soul mate and soul friend. The tile is very catchy and it surely creates an interest towards the story. With an excellent narration, the author has also come out with sweet poems which i’m sure enhances the beauty of the story.

Overall Syahi has collected the best stories to make it reach in the hands of the people. All stories were good in it’s own way. I liked You amazed me! the most among all. I wish all the very best to Syahi team. 

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Happy Reading :-)

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