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Book Review: The Artists of Palkha

Miracle happens in life. If you are a person who believe in miracles then this book is for you. I never thought I would be reading a fairytale love story when I picked up this book. Fairytale story? You might wonder what it is all about. Fine here is a short review of the book. Before that let’s see what the blurb says.

The Artists of Palkha - Three Love Stories and a Miracle is about lives of three artists (Tagged as 'Rule Breakers') from a small imaginary hill town who decide to follow their passions irrespective of what people think. Because they decide to chart out their own paths - which are altogether different - they have to face immense resistance from family, friends and society. But they take a pledge to realise their dreams, come what may! The twist in the story comes when a miracle happens in the life of one of the artists. The book is a mix of prose, poetry, romance, fact, fantasy and fiction. Read to witness the miracle

“The Artists of Palkha” written by Saurabh Kumar Das is a book which talks about three friends and their struggle to achieve their dream in the field of art. The author has discovered an imaginary hill station named Palkha for his story. The whole story is about Palkha and the friends who bring fame to this place. Rana, Raman and Shikha are friends who have their own dream in life. Rana, being a writer, wants to make a life in literature field. Raman, being a photographer, aims to achieve big in that field and Shikha, being a painter, also wishes to make something big with her skill. They decide to go against their family who wanted them to do the regular 9 to 5 job. Thereby they end up in moving in their own dream path and plan to meet once they achieve their dream. Rana who breaks up with his girlfriend experiences a miracle when a fairy enters into his life to help him making his first novel. Raman lives in forest to click the most beautiful pictures and Shikha, with the guidance of a famous painter, finally manages to arrange an exhibition to portray all her paintings. Raman accidently lands up in that exhibition and become closer. Soon they fall in love and start to live in a live-in relation. When Rana’s book is released, Raman and Shikha find him and all three friends meet after years. They plan to set up an art gallery which would be useful for all the teenagers. Will their make it come true? Will their parents support them? Read the book to know more about the story.

The author has tried his best to bring out a message through his story. The characters are given equal weight in the story. The flow in the story was good. The title is well chosen and the cover page is designed well. The poems in the narration brings out the poet in the author.  There are some mistakes which can be rectified. The story could have been more realistic and the narration needs more improvement.

To conclude my review I would say Mr. Saurabh Kumar Das has done good work in his first book. With more focus in the plot and the narration he can come out with even more good books. I recommend this book for all teenagers and would rate 3/5. All the best Mr. Saurabh Das.  

About the Author: Saurabh Kumar Das is a writer, copy writer and photographer. The artists of phalkha is his first novel. He holds a Master degree in English and is specialized in creative writing and literature. To know more about the author visit

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