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Book Review: LIFE..LOVE..KUMBH..

Book: Life..Love..Kumbh..
Author: Aporva Kala
ISBN: 9789380349503
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
No. of pages: 290

Last few weeks were quite busy for me for obvious reasons. That was the reason there was no update in my blog and no book reviews. So here I am to review a tale of three lives with an abysmal philosophy apropos love, life, relationships, religion, peace and yet more. I regret now for reading this book so late.

About the Author: Aporva Kala is an explorer of Yogic knowledge. Writing for him is an exercise in creativity, which, he says, is a soul song. Since last fifteen years he has been actively involved in mentoring students in particular and guiding humanity in general to lead a holistic and rewarding life-style. He can be contacted at:

The Review:

First of all I congratulate Mr. Aporva Kala for writing such a wonderful tale and he has set a new example in the writing industry. The title of the book impressed me to take it first from my to- read shelf. The cover page is very different that it took me hours to realise it was a Saddhu’s hair. The story starts the day before the kumbh bath on 13th January 2010. The story is told through three protagonists Annant, Agastaya and Aditi, each busy with their own pursuit, but each of them connected and depended on the other. Keeriee, the little girl, seems to be the linking pin between them. The background of the story is the Kumbh fair at haridwar, puts the reader in a perspective of spirituality and religiosity. But as the story progress and the three main characters cross each other’s path, we come across their humane needs for love, passions, togetherness and the need to grow creatively in and through the social climate that surrounds them. The city of Haridwar is all decked up for the first of the many Kumbh baths. It is on this day that Agastaya, Aditi and Annant, cross each other's path and get entwined in each other's life in such a way that the destiny throws them together. In between we see various other protagonists like Sameer a doctor and cousin of Annant, Jorden a Jew from London, Minnie, the love interest of Annant and the yogi Ekaba, join the three main actors and unfold a story of epic proportions. A dead girl nina haunts Annant, who blames him for her death. The author has made it clear that the kumbh has a way to get in their life and he leaves the climax in interpretation. The monologue and the situational description hold the story and give a fascinating reading. Throughout the book he plays with the words and I appreciate for his choice of words but sometime he had failed to fill the space. Before taking this book a friend of mine compared Mr.Kala with Paulo Coelho and with no objection I agree him after reading this book. At the end of the book the story of ganga and the detailed story of the Kumbh festival adds to the charms of the book. The struggle of Miinnie to pursue philosophy is brought out beautifully. Mr.Kala has written in a very lucid and inventive style, uses a plethora of references from the Greek mythology, Eastern and western philosophy and Hindu mythology to create a magical atmosphere which leaves a wonderful feel and gives us hope for the future. At first the book was very tough to read. But in the middle the author hooked up and intrigued that I found very tough to put it down. 

The author had written about the women so vividly with high compassion and i could say it as the best part of the book. He makes the character of Aditi come alive, as a lover, a mother and as a creator. It is after a long gap I have come across a book which talks about the aspirations of the women and their struggle to face up to the challenges of emerging capitalism and also to create.

To conclude my review,I would say that Mr.Kala has put a lot of effort in his first book, and I really appreciate that.There are few places where some rework is needed, otherwise I’m looking forward to read his next book soon. I give 4 out of 5 for this book.  This book will help for the parents to know their children better, for the people in love to know more about love and relationships and the rest for gain knowledge. I strongly recommend this book.

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