Saturday, March 9, 2013

Book Review: When the Signal turns Red

Thanks to Jayanand Ukey for sending the review copy of “When the signal turned to red”.

About the author:  Jayanand Ukey works for an IT company and is also a freelance journalist and blogger. He has a computer engineering degree from VESIT, Mumbai University. In a career spanning a decade, he has kept his hobby alive by writing three books. This book is his first published work. Jayanand lives in Mumbai with his family.

About the book: Girish and Prajakta are in love. Very soon Girish will be joining the numero uno IT company of the country. He prepares himself by buying expensive clothes and other accessories he had always dreamed of. He and Prajakta have together planned to build on a good bank balance and then meet each other’s families to talk about marriage, probably over a year or two. Unexpectedly, the families get involved before Girish can join the IT Company. Against all odds, the couple manages to convince their family and an engagement date is fixed. But destiny has other things in mind. A global catastrophe mars their plan which leads to the engagement getting annulled.

ReviewReading this book gave me so much of joy. A typical love story that can be expected in every graduate’s life. The author has expressed his view in a flimy way. Reading this book was just like watching a movie. Girish and Prajakta love was neatly described. More than their love, the relation between the young boy and his father was well expressed. Descriptions about both the families were good. Though it was a small book, it has come out with all the needed stuffs. The importance of getting a decent job has well explained.

I liked the first meeting of both the families. The conversations were very realistic and well built. Girish and Prajakta’s secret meeting at the coffee shop and part involving the two strange persons was very dramatic.

Here the economic recession seemed to play an important role. It not only affects their professional life but also their marriage. The retired army officer role was very well characterized.

The most impressive part of the book was the climax. I enjoyed reading it. The way of using humor in the climax has come out so well. Thanks for the happy ending. The whole book seemed to be very interesting.
Finally the cover page is so attractive. Thanks to Pinaki De. The title itself makes the book interesting. Good choice of title.

The major drawback was the mentioning of the articles and channel reports were quite boring. It should have been avoided. Beside that the book is interesting, I give a three star for this book and I hope for more works from the author. 

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