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Book Review: Teenage Blues Parenting Clues

When young writers make their debut with a formal love story, here is a debutant who has written a guiding manual for parents which I’m sure is very thought provoking.  As always Jaico never fails to wonder me with its choice of books. Thanks to JAICO. The blurb turns out to be very interesting which will easily impress any parents.

There are many ways to describe your teenager. It is easy to point out the things you’d love to change about them. But the truth is that you are no closer to finding a way to curb that raging house of hormones than you are to finding a solution to the global economic meltdown. It’s there, it’s in your face and you have to deal with it. Wouldn’t you love to know what goes on in that complicated, ever-evolving mind?
Finally, here are some answers for you. Anjaneya Mishra’s Teenage Blues, Parenting Clues is a bold and comprehensive attempt by a teenager to unravel the teen world for parents. From teenage aspirations, sexuality, attractions and distractions to the acrimonious acne and drug abuse, Anjaneya takes you step-by-step through the maze of surging emotions and tantrums so that you can finally make sense of the tumult that is your teenager.

This book, as the blurb says, is an attempt to guide parents in understanding their teenagers from a teen’s perspective. Teenage is a period where a mom’s child makes a move from a dependent life in search of his or her own space. This a phase when a teen tries his or her best to explore the world with their peer group, discover new meaning for relationship and draws a line to create their own space.  Most of the parents go wrong in realizing their teen’s need at a period where a teen longs for more attention from them. There comes a sudden change in their behavior which parents do not fathom why. Here is when parents start worrying about them and make a move to bring their teen under their control only to make it even worse. So what should a parent do to tackle such a situation? Is there any way to befriend their teen in order to know what is happening in their life?

Anjaneya Mishra, the author, with this book on parenting titled ‘Teenage Blues Parenting Clues: Powerful Parenting Principles from a Young Adult’, helps parents to deal with their teen with simple logics and stories. Being a young adult who has just crossed teenage, the author has proven the fact that parenting is no more worrisome job when you starting thinking from a teen’s point of view. Having crossed this period, all parents do know what it is mean to be a teenager. Realizing this simple fact, parents have to just look them from closer but not to interfere in their life. Covering all the changes that a teenage brings, say the influence of peer group, the desire to look hot and also alcoholism, the author directs a way to handle every situation in a way that doesn’t make things worse.

Written in a simple way, this book is surely a meaningful and thought provoking parenting tool which makes parents to fathom the nature of teenage phase and the simple logics to gain the trust of the teens. With few short stories, which are more of the author’s experience, it makes it easier to imagine a situation and find the solution for it. More than seeing it as a book, parents can consider it as their own teen’s request to direct them in a meaningful path.

To conclude my review, Mr. Anjaneya Mishra, has done an appreciable job in taking a step to help the parents out there who are finding it difficult to handle their teenagers. It is surely a bold work for a young adult to guide parents which is not alone for the welfare of parents but also for the bright future of the teenagers. I very strongly recommend this book for all the parents and also teenagers and I would rate it a 4/5. Thank you Mr. Anjaneya Mishra for this wonderful book and I’m looking forward with lots of expectations to read your next book.  

About the Author:

ANJANEYA MISHRA is a commerce student at HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. He did his schooling in Mumbai and Delhi and graduated from St. Xaviers School, Jaipur. Anjaneya is a voracious reader and loves to participate in debates. He is also an avid sportsman, having played national-level squash for several years. He loves surfing, travelling, adventure sports and meeting new people. He currently lives in Mumbai with his mother, brother and a dog named Taurus.

You can get your copy from Flipkart.

Happy reading and Parenting :-)

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